Spring 2014 Team

Name, Position, Class
Alice Crowe, D, 2014
Alyssa Williamson, D, 2014
Anastasia Tsakirellis, M, 2015
Andrea Roche, M, 2017
Erin Chang, M/GK, 2017
Gabrielle Meggett-Barone, D, 2017
Katie Ortega, F, 2014
Kelly Martin, D, 2014
Kerry Prime, F, 2014
Laura Donnelly, M, 2014
Laurie Stieglitz, F, 2014
Mahra Weber, F, 2016
Olivia Hale, D, 2016
Oriana Durand, F, 2017
Sidra Ethier, GK, 2016
Taylor Smith, F, 2015

CAPTAINS: Kelly Martin (’14), Kerry Prime (’14), Laura Donnelly (’14)
GAME SCHEDULERS: Oriana Durand (’17), Erin Chang (’17),
COACH: Rachel Chapman (’11)


BUFC Ladies was founded in Fall 2009 by Becca Tarvin and Rachel Chapman. While talking with incoming freshman, the most common question was, “Does BU have a club soccer team?” And after saying “no” far too many times, they decided they would give it a shot.

The first team made their jerseys from $1 white tshirts and iron-on transfers. Dues were $5 per game, and we begged parents to borrow cars. Seven seasons later, those roots still drive our team philosophy: we are dedicated to our sport, to our teammates, and to working hard to achieve our goals. On top of all that, we’re one big family and we find time to have fun.