Countdown to Giving Day!

Two BUWCS posts in one day??? LUCKY YOU! ?2 DAYS TIL GIVING DAY?Your donations have done so much for our team and we can’t wait to see how we can keep moving up this year!

Posted by BU Women's Club Soccer on Monday, April 9, 2018

Attention BUWCS Community! We are so thankful for your support throughout the entire calendar year. Giving Day is just another way for us to come together and make some great things happen! On 4/11 we will be rallying all of our supporters to raise as much money as possible for our program and we need YOUR HELP! Boston University Club Sports offers some amazing bonuses for the three following challenges:
1. Having the highest NUMBER of donors (no donation is too small!!)
2. $500 bonus for raising $500 total!
3. $250 bonus for getting a number of donations equal to our roster (just 23!!!)

Be on the lookout for our video campaign coming up soon that will give you a little more insight into where your generous donations actually go.

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