BU v. Umass Amherst Game Recap (2-1)

On a beautiful sunny morning, BUWCS defeated Umass Amherst 2-1 on Nickerson field. The first half saw their two goals, as Kat Gullota (’18) hit a perfect PK after a handball was called in the box. The girls continued to dominate the game, and Erin Chang (’17) found a ball from Aimee Manderlink (’18) on the right edge of the box, faked out a defender and hit the left side of the net. Umass was able to find the net in the second half, but the girls held on to their lead with possession and strong opportunities.

The next (and final!!!) game will be next Sunday at 7pm on Nickerson field against Tufts for Senior night! Bring all your friends and family, it’s going to be a good one!