BU vs. St. A’s Game Recap (5-0)

The girls opened the first league game with a 5-0 win against St. Anselm under the lights on Nickerson Field. It was a slow game for goalkeepers Jess Long (’18) and Val Koch (’17), who saw little action throughout the game. The girls pressed hard with plenty of close shots, until a cross from Anna Meyding (’18) broke through St. A’s defense. Ruby Dombek (’18) dummied the pass and Oriana Durand (’17) spun through the last defender to slam it into the upper 90. Shortly after, another cross came in from Ruby, only to be easily placed into the back of net again by Oriana. Before the half ended, Alexa Cambi (’18) found the back of the net two more times to put us up 4-0. The girls closed out the game with incredible possession and great performances from all of the players, but not before Oriana hit the back of the net one last time to seal her hat-trick and the game at 5-0.