7 Reasons Why You Should Join Club Soccer

Many of us grew up passionate about soccer – weekends consisted of making plans around game time, and the house often rang to the sound of commentators shouting “góoooooooool!!!”

There are many things that soccer girls can relate to, including “sorry I can’t go, I have soccer,” notorious shin guard tans, or the sheer joy of seeing your team succeed. It’s these little things that have shaped you as a player, as a teammate, and as a person.

Graduating high school doesn’t have to mean you graduate soccer. If you want to keep channeling this passion and play the sport you aren’t ready to say goodbye to, club soccer will become a defining part of your college experience.

Here are 7 reasons why you should join club soccer today:

Play soccer at a competitive level while also having time for other activities


Joining club soccer will provide you with a competitive and intense soccer experience without demanding 24/7 of your time, allowing you to also enjoy other activities on campus.

Hard work, talent, and commitment are all instrumental to the success of the team, and personal achievement will not go unnoticed. Some days you’ll hurt, feel the burn, and at times, say no to heels the night after a game, but you’ll see it’s part of what makes it so special.

Although practices and games are certainly a time commitment, you do get days off and have more flexibility in terms of scheduling other hobbies.

Join a family


When you join club soccer, you don’t just slip on a jersey and take the field. You become a tightly bonded group, founded on trust, respect, and faith in your teammates.

Freshman year can be a little overwhelming with the countless activities offered on campus, the new people you meet everyday, and simply being independent and away from home. Club soccer is a place of comfort, where everyone is there and connected for one main reason: the love for soccer.

You’ll meet your future roommates and best friends on this team, and more importantly, you’ll always find a home away from home — on Nickerson field, in the vans to away games, and at team pasta dinners and Christmas parties.  

Be part of a great organization on campus


Being a member of club soccer is a great way to stay active on campus and represent BU. You learn to make valuable connections, to work closely with the administration, and to be involved in the many activities offered by the Club Sports Department, who do a great job at engaging every team.

Joining a club sport, namely club soccer, not only offers you a fulfilling experience, but also allows you to be an important representation of how you want your school to act and be perceived. It gives you a voice and a unique platform to engage, share and influence others in a positive way.

Learn important values on and off the field


Success begins when you have confidence in your teammates, when you trust their judgment and empower them on the field. Putting in the work after hours and always trying to improve yourself to be the best that you can be. It’s this mentality that creates a cohesive dynamic and poses a threat to your opponents.

Joining club soccer pushes you to value trust and respect, and also encourages you to show leadership and sportsmanship – on and off the field. You’ll take this attitude with you to the classroom, meetings and interviews, and find success in each.

Give back to the community


The Club Sports Department really encourages teams to be active beyond the BU campus and serve our beloved Boston community. There are so many opportunities to get involved and there’s no better way to do so than with your teammates by your side.

Travel to other cities and schools


If finals are draining you, or you just need to get away for a day (which, let’s be honest, every student needs to at some point), traveling for games can be a refreshing getaway experience.

Not to mention occasional retreats, where team bonding is at an all-time high.

Master the freshman 15

The freshman 15 – Everyone’s biggest fear entering college.

Joining club soccer will teach you the value of work hard, play hard — You’ll find the right balance, and you’ll learn how to mitigate the damage of the college lifestyle. Yes, you might experience the freshman 15, but it will be all muscle 😉