BUWCS Defeats Holy Cross 1-0

BUWCS’ home opener came with much thrill and anticipation for the girls, as they sought their first W on home turf against a team they felt comfortable defeating. Their 1-0 victory over Holy Cross didn’t come without preparation however, as the girls demonstrated their strong chemistry on the field through a magnetic passing scheme and a dominating possession, which is a reflection of their personal grit and their hard work at practice.

The girls found most of their opportunities down the flank through Anna Meyding (’18), who delivered flawless crosses into the middle, as well as through triangle passing up the field and into the 18 yard box. Anna’s hard work payed off late in the first half when Oriana Durand (’17) connected with her beautiful cross and headed the ball home. 

Although the Terriers weren’t able to find the back of the net again, the remainder of the game ultimately mirrored this smooth style of play rendered by a strong performance from BUWCS.