BC is, by virtue of custom and tradition, BU’s most hostile long-standing enemy, particularly in the realm of sports.  Friday night’s game proved no different, as BUWCS trekked down to Chestnut Hill on the T, despite initially having the game scheduled on our beloved Nickerson field. Animosity dominated the field through every push to the ground, curse from the fans or malicious comments among players. Very quickly, it became a tense battle not only between the two club teams performing under the lights of BC’s football field, but between both universities in their perpetual rivalry of athletic superiority.

BUWCS came out thirsty for goals; winning 50/50s, good touches on the ball, sharp passes and finally, midway through the first half, a beautiful strike from sophomore Anna Meyding to give BU the lead coming into the second half. The intensity never ceased however, particularly when BC found the back of the net, generating further rancor on the pitch and even on the stands, where one fan had to be escorted out due to profane language. The remaining thirty minutes seemed to resemble a survival of the fittest, where every opportunity could be the golden one to set one team over the other. It finally came for BU in the last couple minutes of the match, when sophomore Sarah Beaulieu touched the ball into the net after a long shot from senior Shannon Anderson hit off the crossbar. Finishing the game 2-1, BU celebrated enthusiastically, running into a huddle formed around goalkeeper Sidra Either, while BC players stormed angrily off the pitch.