BUWCS vs. Northeastern

Northeastern has always been considered a strong rivalry to BU, not only due to their location just across the the green line but also given the teams’ histories of shared success. BUWCS made their way to Parson’s field Saturday afternoon with hopes of leaving victorious after a tie last semester.

Northeastern came out strong and motivated, making connections from defense to offense, leading to their first goal early in the first half. BU struggled between surges of intensity and moments of calm before hitting one home off a very tricky shot from Sarah Beaulieu. However, the girls were unquestionably tired from their game the night prior, and fell short to Northeastern 1-4. Moreover, they lost midfielder Maggi Mazri to an ankle avulsion fracture late in the second half.

BUWCS’ weekend came to an end after two unfortunate losses; however, their season is just beginning and the motivation and inspiration instilled in these girls, particularly following a very energetic practice, will certainly carry on Friday when BUWCS takes on BC.