BUWCS Round Robin vs. Umass Amherst and Saint Anselm

BUWCS started their season with a two-match opener, where they faced Umass Lowell and Saint Anselm. In their debut, the girls showed great resilience and determination, particularly versus Umass Lowell, where they dominated virtually all game through smart plays and skilled executions. Forward Oriana Durand found the back of the net in the first half off a breakaway with the goalkeeper, and then again in the second half off a header assist from Laura Moore. BU finished the game victorious, with a 2-0 win over Umass before facing Saint Anselm.

BU vs. Saint Anselm proved to be a more physical game, with both teams fighting hard for every ball. Despite a strong performance, particularly by defender Alyssa Williamson and midfielder Anna Meyding, BU fell short to St. As on a free kick call, which ended the game 0-1 against BU.