BU Home Opener vs. Umass Amherst

Friday night was not only BUWCS’ season home opener; it was their first game ever on home turf as a newly affiliated BU Club team. Friends and family gathered on the bleachers to support fellow players, some showing particularly strong enthusiasm (shoutout to Shannon Anderson’s fan club), holding up huge face signs and supportive messages.

It was a tough night for BUWCS as they struggled to find an opening amid strong opportunities from Umass Amherst’s offensive, who found the back of the net in the first half with a bullet shot. Despite the frustrations that ultimately reigned the field, it was a building experience for BU, who continue to learn new playing strategies and formations with the new team.

BUWCS did momentarily start closing the gap late in the second half, with a wonder strike by Kat Gullotta off a long free kick, making her the first player to score on Nickerson field. The game ended 3-1 however in Umass’ favor despite combined efforts on BU’s end, particularly from Julia Tampellini who controlled the ball very well in the midfield, and Sidra Ethier, who came up with some very clutch saves.