Welcoming the New Season

Practices used to consist of a groggy 5:30 a.m. walk to Magazine beach (across the BU bridge); a struggle to get up in time after studying until 2 a.m. and resentfully watching your roommate deep in sleep. Morning conversations typically revolved around the rude awakening or the 9 page paper finished only hours earlier. However, it was certainly an opportunity for the best Instagram worthy sunrise pictures, which by 8:30 a.m., half the team had posted a slightly different angle of the same captivating view.

Game day was a collective effort to transport the entire team to a designated field via Ubers, where field accommodations were questionable, and referees failed to show far too often. Despite these circumstances, it never stopped being about coming together on the field and collaborating to reach the collective goal of victory.

These were the moments that led to our affiliation with Boston University. It was every individual effort from the creation of the team in 2009, to making a field of Magazine Beach, to hosting our own pasta dinners and christmas parties. Formerly known as BUFC, BUWCS has given so much to girls who grew up playing soccer and who sought a way to channel this passion in college. Throughout its development, the organization has provided its players with structure and responsibility, both on and off the field. More importantly, it has gathered girls of completely different backgrounds, cultures and interests, and has united them under one common denominator: soccer.

Today, we are so grateful to officially be a part of BU Club Sports, something we’ve worked hard to achieve every season and thrill at the endless possibilities it offers. A very big thank you to everyone whose efforts have made this possible, particularly our coach Rachel Chapman, our past and present players and leaders, and our current president, Erin Chang.