Since the team is now an official BU club sport, all players must be deemed medically compliant with the ATs before participating in any of our practices or games.
Our season kicks off pretty quickly, so if you still would like to tryout for the team, we would like to invite you to attend the early pre-screening with our team on Sunday September 6th at 11am (the morning of tryouts) at Student Health Services (881 Commonwealth Ave).

If you can attend this screening, should you make the team, it will greatly increase the speed of our process and allow you to start practicing right away, instead of having to wait for another appointment time that has yet to be determined.
***(You will still be allowed to tryout if you are not screened on this date, but may have to wait days to weeks until you can attend practices.)***

Please view the attached file for more info, and do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions! (The date on the attachment is wrong, please email by Saturday, 9/5 at 5pm.)


Soccer-Hockey SPLASH 2015