Fall 2014 Tryout Results

Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday evening for Fall tryouts. We really appreciate everyone’s patience during the thunderstorm and we were very impressed with many players.

Due to the large number of talented players, we will be inviting a small number of players to a second round of tryouts on Tuesday, before announcing the Fall roster.

The following people are invited to the second round of tryouts:
Amelia Wells
Anna Meyding
Dani Karlin
Erica Pierce
Isabel Jimenez Wisler
Isabella Bierezowiec
Katarina Gullotta
Katherine Truelson
Lindsay Pullen
Maddy Lee
Merissa Brousseau
Sarah Beaulieu
Shelby Vaculin
Teresa Frappaolo
TuQuyen Pham

If your name is on this list, you will receive an email shortly with directions to Tryout #2. Please send us an email if you haven’t received the directions.

Thank you again to everyone who came out!

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